Dental Sedation

We are pleased to provide dental sedation to help nervous patients alleviate dental anxiety and make you feel more at ease throughout dental procedures.

What Types of Sedation Are Used at Manor Lodge Dental Practice?

We use two forms of sedation - minimal and conscious sedation. After consultation and medical history check, we will discuss the most appropriate level of sedation with you. You will be awake during your treatment, but sedation will ease you into a deeply relaxed state.

Oral sedation

For minimal sedation, your dentist will prescribe a sedative tablet to take about an hour before the procedure. The pill will make you drowsy, although you'll still be awake. Your dentist may give a larger dose to produce more significant sedation.

Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation)

You'll receive the sedative drug intravenously (through a vein), so it goes to work more quickly. You will feel drowsy, and even the most anxious patients do not remember having dental treatment when they recover.

Regardless of which type of sedation you receive, we will use a local anaesthetic to ensure your comfort and monitor you carefully. You will need to bring a friend or family member to drive you home after treatment.