Tooth restoration or White Fillings is required when you have a broken or chipped tooth, decay or a cavity in the tooth or where there is wearing away of the tooth surface.

These are done by cleaning the tooth and filling with a suitable material. This would prevent the condition from getting worse and causing pain or infection. When issues are picked up early and treated, this can prevent the need for more complicated and costly treatments such as root canal treatment. This is why regular dental check-ups are also very important.

There are two types of filling materials:

1. White fillings in Edgware - These are tooth coloured filling materials which are easy to apply and are natural in appearance. They can be match to your tooth colour and are ideal for areas which are visible when you smile or talk. They are strong and last for many years.

2. Amalgam filling in Edgware - These are silver mercury fillings and are ideal for teeth where white fillings may not be an option. They are strong and last many years. Although there is a concern regarding the mercury in the filling, there is no evidence to show they are harmful.

Please talk to your dentist to find out your options!