Crowns or ‘caps’ are generally made to cover your natural tooth partially or fully to restore its structural and functional integrity.
Why do I need a crown?
Crown is normally done to restore a decayed or broken tooth where filling is not good option.
It can also be done on anterior teeth to improve their appearance of discoloured or chipped tooth.
Crown are routinely placed on posterior teeth after a root canal treatment.
What are they made off?
They can be made of many different materials including gold, porcelain and a mixture of both.
Gold crowns are normally placed on the back teeth. Porcelain crowns are aesthetically more suited and can be placed in front or back teeth depending on individual case.
The procedure
Crowns are normally made in 2 sittings. In the first appointment you dentist would need to prepare your tooth for the crown and then make a mould of your tooth. This mould is then used to fabricate a custom fit crown for your tooth at the lab. A temporary crown is fabricated and placed on your tooth to help it to function normally. In the second appointment the temporary crown is removed and the permanent one fixed on your tooth. This would then look, feel and work like a normal tooth.