Sometimes a tooth is beyond repair and needs to be removed, this results in a gap. Leaving the gap can cause movement of other teeth surrounding it leading to decay and gum problems. To prevent this, the missing tooth can be replaced with a variety of methods.
How does it work-
They help replace the missing teeth by bridging the gap with support from adjacent teeth. These normally requiring drilling the neighbouring teeth but sometimes can be done without this.
Type of bridges
Conventional or fixed bridges -
In these the neighbouring teeth are drilled and used to place the bridge. The advantage is that they are stronger and look cosmetically more natural but the disadvantage is that it requires drilling of other teeth.
Sticky or Maryland Bridges-
In these teeth the bridge is stuck to the back of the neighbouring teeth. They are usually done in the front teeth. The advantage is that they do not require drilling the neighbouring teeth.
Unfortunately, they can come loose and they may not look as natural as other options